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Bristol Freighter on it's way to UK

Bristol Freighter on it's way to UK


Watch this video to see a former Royal New Zealand Air Force Bristol Freighter Aircraft NZ5911 being lifted and moved from Ardmore Airport to the Ports of Auckland for shipment to the Aerospace Bristol Aircraft Museum England.

October 2017







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The ultimate ocean cruising machine gets a lift

The ultimate ocean cruising machine gets a lift


NZ Crane helped the team from Rapido boat builders launch one of its new trimarans in Auckland recently. 

While conditions were not ideal, using a 170 tonne Grove All-Terrain Crane the nine tonne Rapido 60 was lifted and moved at a low height across the wharf to keep it out of the wind before lowering it into the water.  

The Rapido 60 is designed and constructed as a powerful ocean cruising trimaran but with a luxurious and spacious living area.

Watch the video of this launch by clicking here  

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Constructing the country's tallest crane

Constructing the country's tallest crane


What will become the country's highest crane has gone up on the central Auckland site where New Zealand's tallest tower block is being built.   

The German Liebherr 357 Luffing Crane was erected as part of the construction of the 39-level Commercial Bay tower on the corner of Albert St and Custom St which is scheduled for completion in 2019.

The initial height of the crane is 97m to the tip of the jib however, it will climb to a final height of 225m by the end of the project.  

Fletcher Construction constructed the super crane using a number of mobile cranes including NZ Crane Hire's 450 Grove GMK7450, which is New Zealand's largest hydraulic crane. With a maximum load capacity of 450-tonne, the mobile crane has a telescopic boom of 60m with a further 79m of lattice jib extension giving it the capability to lift up to 7.2 tonne at a height of 130-metre height (or place 2.4 tonne at over 100 metres radius).    

Deane Manley, Managing Director of NZ Crane Hire, which is the longest running crane company in New Zealand, says it has done many large-scale jobs in its 60 years and while helping to build a crane of this size may seem a big challenge, the fundamentals of all of its jobs remain similar. 

"Although cranes are still based on simple geometry and we are forever creating leveraged points of balance, which we've been doing ever since the Egyptians, a job like this highlights the need for careful planning, a high level of skill from the crane drivers and team work to get the job done."

Mr Manley explained that the final stage of the crane build, where the boom was constructed, required two mobile cranes with the larger 450 Grove crane doing the majority of the high lifting and a smaller crane "helping out".

"The 450 is perfect for this job because it has the capability to lift heavy weights to an extremely high level but because it's highly mobile it's able to work in a reasonably confined central city space."   

At the heart of Commercial Bay will sit a stunning new 39 level office tower that will transform Auckland's skyline.  It will be anchored by PwC and be known as the PwC Tower.  At the base of the tower sits a three level retail precinct with global flagship brands, diverse food and beverage and the highest concentration of quality retailers in one central, easily accessible location.   Commercial Bay's world-class retail environment is due to open in late 2018 with the landmark office tower due for completion in 2019. 

Commercial Bay is a project that's indicative of the huge growth Auckland is currently undergoing says Manley and there are many more years of construction work and development to come.

"We have played a major part in this growth and will continue to do so.  To meet demand we are constantly investing in our fleet with new cranes and new technology to ensure we're providing the best machinery for our team to be able to get job's like this done safely and efficiently."

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NZ Cranes lends a lift to help raise funds for Te Puea Marae

NZ Cranes lends a lift to help raise funds for Te Puea Marae


NZ Crane Hire is used to lifting rather larger objects than the Wendy house they delivered to Maungawhau Primary School in Mt Eden recently. 

The company has lent a hand to a fundraising project led by Harcourts Mt Eden that will see the Wendy house transformed into a work of art and then auctioned off to raise money for Te Puea Memorial Marae. 

 NZ Crane Hire unloaded the Wendy house in the schoolyard where a team of the school's best artists were waiting to paint a specially designed mural on it. The fundraising project is designed to create community support for the Mangere Bridge marae, which has been providing emergency accommodation and assistance to homeless families in need.

NZ Crane Hire managing director Deane Manley said the marae was doing such valuable work that when the company was approached to help transport the Wendy house, they jumped at the chance. 

"It's a great and worthy project. I'm sure the kids will do a great job of the art work and we hope the auction goes well and the money raised will help the marae carry on the great work they are doing in the community," he said.

Miranda Wiseman, 11, of Room 24, is one of the young artists involved and is very excited to have her work featured on the house.  "The bottom layer is all about native bush and the green landscape of New Zealand. There are flowers as well, and dots and patterns that will reach up to the top of the house. We wanted to do something that both girls and boys would like. It's so cool," she said.


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NZ Crane Hire lifts the sunken Kestrel ferry

NZ Crane Hire lifts the sunken Kestrel ferry


On Monday, March 7th this year the beloved Auckland ferry sank overnight at its berth in Wynyard Quarter. The Kestrel was built and launched in 1905 and is hailed by many as one of Auckland's most significant maritime icons. 

Salvage experts contracted NZ Crane Hire to help lift the Kestrel, concerned that the 170 tonne hull which was being held down by the engine and stuck in mud at the bottom of the harbour, could mean that any crane capable of lifting it would be too heavy for the wharf. There was added concern that the hull would break up as it was lifted.

It took all day on April 14 to salvage but the historic ferry and it was finally lifted back, intact onto an Auckland slipway just after 1am by three NZ Crane Hire cranes. The crew included 12 salvage experts, including NZ Crane Hire engineers and crane operators, who at the end of a long day were relieved to see the vessel back above water.

Images taken from and

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NZ Crane hire helps construct the Hendon Footbridge. A new iconic landmark in Waterview.

NZ Crane hire helps construct the Hendon Footbridge.  A new iconic landmark in Waterview.


NZ Crane Hire were instrumental in putting together what will become a new iconic landmark for Auckland's Waterview, The new Hendon Footbridge features a 110 tonne, 100 metre long arch that provides a unique and beautiful look. The arch went up over the weekend of the 5th and 6th of December 2015 and will join the communities of Owairaka and New Windsor.   

The footbridge should open in early 2017 along with the rest of the Waterview Connection project. For more information check out the official media release below. 





What's expected to become a landmark feature of the NZ Transport Agency's Waterview Connection project has taken shape across Auckland's Owairaka and New Windsor skyline.

The architecturally designed Hendon Footbridge which spans SH20 (Southwestern Motorway) at the southern approach to the Waterview tunnels had its 110 tonne arch successfully installed during the weekend (5 and 6 December).



 "It's a stunning addition to the landscape and is another striking example of engineering and design excellence coming together as they have all the way through the Waterview project," says Brett Gliddon, the Transport Agency's Highway Manager.

 The 300 metre long footbridge will provide pedestrian and cycling access between the two communities of Owairaka and New Windsor as well as connecting to the southern shared path and new sports fields at Valonia Street and Barrymore Road.

 "As well as looking spectacular the real beauty of this bridge is the way it will help connect two communities. It's a pleasure to be able to incorporate community facilities into large infrastructure projects like the Waterview Connection."

  bridge night

The arch installation was carried out over two stages, with its western (New Windsor) and eastern (Owairaka) sections established before the central section was connected into place.

Two cranes, weighing 300 tonnes and 220 tonnes, were needed to install the final central section of the arch.

Work on the Hendon Footbridge began in January 2014 before it stopped in August 2014 for tunnel construction as the spoil conveyor was obstructing its alignment.

The final two large structural elements of the Hendon Footbridge construction will take place over the next six months and include completion of the bridge deck before the supporting steel cables are installed.

The footbridge is planned to open in early 2017 along with the rest of the Waterview Connection project - the Waterview tunnels and the Great North Road Interchange. 

The Waterview Connection completes Auckland's Western Ring Route, a 48km alternative route to SH1. It will link Manukau, Auckland, Waitakere and the North Shore, improving network resilience, travel time reliability and bus shoulder lanes as well as upgrading cycleway and pedestrian facilities.




The Waterview Connection project is being delivered by the Well-Connected Alliance which includes the Transport Agency, Fletcher Construction, McConnell Dowell, Parsons Brinckerhoff, Beca Infrastructure, Tonkin & Taylor and Japanese construction company Obayashi Corporation.  Sub-alliance partners are Auckland-based Wilson Tunnelling and Spanish tunnel controls specialists SICE.

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NZ Crane Hire celebrates 16th Birthday and our latest crane

NZ Crane Hire celebrates 16th Birthday and our latest crane


NZ Crane Hire celebrated its 16th birthday with friends and family this past December 4th at the Bird Cage. The party also showcased our new crane the Liebherr LTC 1045-3.5, a super mobile crane "that goes where no other crane has gone before..."

With such a futuristic crane we had no choice but to invite the one and only Captain Kirk and his crew from the star ship Enterprise where guests had a great time taking photos at the photo booth and enjoying a drink in the afternoon sun.

Our new crane made an impressive display of mobility by deploying very in a tight spaces under the local motorway bridge. The crane is so compact and mobile that at the end of the night it simply parked in the local car park.

We would like to thank everyone that came to the party and helped us make a truly memorable event out of it,

Don't forget to look at some the night's highlights in the photos below.


photo 29









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NZ Cranes celebrates 15th birthday

NZ Cranes celebrates 15th birthday


On the 1st October 2014 NZ Cranes, together with several founding staff, recognised 15 years in business together.  With a heritage harking back to Central Cranes Ltd which was formed in 1957, NZ Cranes is proud to be the longest surviving crane business in New Zealand.

On that same day, founding shareholder and director, Deane Manley, returned the business to 100% private ownership with the acquisition of the private equity partners who had invested in the growth of NZ Cranes over the past nine years.

Deane and his highly experienced team are excited and energised by this new chapter in the history of NZ Cranes and look forward to continuing as the safety leader in the specialised lifting field.

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