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There's a new 'big brother' in town

There's a new 'big brother' in town


It's not that long ago that a fully roadable 100-tonne crane was a big crane.  Now the Liebherr LTM1450 450-tonne All Terrain is able to run around Auckland and keep up with its now 'little brothers'.


Image:  Unloading the bridge beams in Otahuhu, the Liebherr 1450 with the 4100.  

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Lifting the weight of 4 double decker buses

Lifting the weight of 4 double decker buses


Tamaki Drive has long been the central thoroughfare for many Aucklanders. As part of the improvements to Auckland's roads and cycleways, a new pedestrian bridge was lifted and placed on the northern (sea) side of the existing Point Resolution Estuary Bridge.

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Lifting the two 60-tonne beams onto the new pedestrian bridge extension was the job for our biggest 450-tonne crane.  With each beam weighing around the same as four double-decker buses this lift took a lot of planning.  However, as AT Project Director, David Nelson said 'good planning and good weather meant the job was completed much quicker than anticipated'.

Another successful lift for our 450. 





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